RS6 Engine Throttle Adaptation Using VAG Tool

The Audi RS6, as is the case with most Audi vehicles, comes equiped with a Tiptronic Adaptive program which recognizes a driver's style at a particular moment, and varies the shift points accordingly. This can give the driver a sense of more power being available, depending on the driver's habits.

If you drive in a conservative manner over an extended period of time, the engine will run more conservatively, until you run the engine hard for a few runs. If you feel your RS6 is a bit sluggish lately, it's possible that the simple action of running the throttle adaptation control will fix that. If you wish to check it out for sure, please follow the directions outlined below.

This modification can be done using Ross-Tech's VAG tool. If you don't have one handy, you might be able to find another Audi enthusiast that is willing to help you using the VAG Tool Locator.

1: Vehicle should be turned off and in 'Park'.
2: Please read instructions fully before attempting modification.
3: I assume no liability or responsibility for any damages that may arise either directly or indirectly as a result of the application of the information provided herein.
4: Tested on US bound RS6 only.

Using VAG tool instructions

Step 1: Open VAG tool main screen as shown on figure 1 below. Click the 'Select' button from the 'Select Control Module' section.
Fig. 1

Step 2: On the 'Select Control Module' screen as shown on figure 2 below, click the '01-Engine' button.
Fig. 2

Step 3: On the 'Open Controller' screen as shown on figure 3 below, click the 'Basic Settings - 04' button.
Fig. 3

Step 4: On the 'Basic Settings' screen as shown on figure 4 below, enter '060' as a value into the 'Group' field, and press the 'Go!' button.
On VAG tool software prior to version 4.0, this will automatically run the throttle adaption control. If you are running a newer version of the software, please continue.
Fig. 4

Step 5: On the 'Basic Settings' screen as shown on figure 5 below, click the 'ON/OFF/Next' button. This will run the throttle adaptation control. Once 'ADP. Run' turns into 'ADP. O.K.', you are done.
Click the 'Done, Go Back' button.
Fig. 5

Posted: 04.21.2004