Trunk Net Modification Using Carabiners

I would like to give special thanks to S4MadMan (BostonAudiGroup handle) for showing me this modification.

1: Vehicle should be turned off and in 'Park'.
2: I assume no liability or responsibility for any damages that may arise either directly or indirectly as a result of the application of the information provided herein.
4: Please read instructions fully before attempting modification.
5: Utilize a well lit location to do this modification.

Step 1: With the use of a dremel tool cutting tip, I cut off the hook portion of the clip. This gives us a flat base to work with, which will be easier to make the hole. Please see figure 1.
Fig. 1

Step 2: The next thing I did was round off the corners of the clip. Once you cut the clip off, you will notice that the corners are sharp. Once again using the dremel tool with a sanding tip, just round those corners smooth. Please see figure 2.
Fig. 2

Step 3: Using a drill set with the proper size drill bit, just make whole right through the center of the clip as shown on figure 3. Make sure you make it wide enough to fit the carabiner size you purchased.
Fig. 3

Step 4: You can purchase a carabiner in most sporting good stores or on the web. Make sure to purchase the ones that can be used as key chains, as these seem to be the smallest in size. Please see figure 4 for my setup.
Fig. 4

Step 5: Please do the same procedure on all corners of your trunk net, and now it should stay in place all the time.

Posted: 05.03.2004